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T-Tech, Inc. Invites you to join us at the following show:

EDI CON USA 2016 Electronic Design Innovation Conference  

Boston Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA 21201   
September 20 - 22
Located in Booth 322

Live Demonstration of the Quick Circuit QCJ5 precision prototyping system

Design, Synthesize and Simulate PCB with Agilent Genesys software 

Import CAD files and create mill paths with T-Tech's IsoProŽ software

Fabricate Functional Prototypes with
T-Tech's QCJ5 prototyping system

Go from Design to Test in One Day!
Reduce Cycle Times and Save $$$$



Copper Roughness Electromagnetics 101  

Copper Roughness

Why smoothing copper for better signal integrity could degrade mechanical performance.